• January 8, 2023

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting a Dumpster

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting a Dumpster

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting a Dumpster 1024 782 LWS Dumpsters

Whether you’re moving out, remodeling, or doing spring cleaning, there’s a good chance you’ll have some mess to clean up. While dumpster rental prices vary, the national average price is approximately $380 per week.

If you’re considering renting a trash container, there are a few reasons why it’s worth the investment.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider renting a dumpster or trash container to make cleanup easier.

1. Home Remodels

Whether you’re re-doing your kitchen, bathroom, or the entire house, a remodel makes quite a mess. Workers will need to tear out materials like flooring, old tile, and appliances to get the job done.

You’ll want to consider renting a trash container whenever you plan to do any remodeling job large or small. These convenient containers make it easier to dispose of the excess waste and old materials that accumulate during home renovations.

Consider renting a 10 cubic yard dumpster for a small to medium home remodel project. If you’re redoing the entire house, then you may need something larger like a 15, 20, or 30 cubic yard unit depending on the scope and scale. These are also great if you’re doing any major landscaping projects.

Your home remodel project might not be on the interior of the home. Perhaps you’re getting a new deck or removing an old pool to replace it with a new one. Either way, you should rent a trash container to corral all of the excess materials as you go. 

2. Trash Container for a Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof is a major project that produces plenty of excess debris. Rent a large dumpster if you’re getting a roof replacement, so workers can dispose of everything quickly.

A large trash container can handle everything from old plywood and underlayment to roofing nails and shingles. Place the container close to your home so it’s easy for roofers to dispose of everything as they go.

3. Major Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time of year to do some major cleaning. If you’re planning a spring cleaning project, it can’t hurt to rent a trash container to dispose of extra items you no longer want or need.

If you have items you can’t sell or give away, then renting a dumpster is a smart move. This prevents your trash cans from getting overloaded while you spend time tossing out old clothing, furniture, and other items that no longer serve a purpose.

This is also a great idea if you’re cleaning out your attic or basement. Renting a trash container makes it a breeze to throw out larger items and then remove them all at the same time.

4. Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters can quickly become clogged with twigs, leaves, and other debris, especially during the fall. Consider renting a small trash container if you’re doing gutter cleaning.

This is an easy way to toss the gunk out as you go instead of having to bag everything in large trash bags. Just place the small trash container under you, and throw away the stuff that’s been sitting inside your gutters all in one fell swoop.

A trash container is also great if you need to clean up yard debris after a major storm. Whether it’s broken tree branches or damaged patio furniture, it’s always a good idea to do some yard cleanup after the storm has passed. 

5. You’re Moving Out

Those who are planning to move to a new home will probably need to spend some time getting rid of old items. If you’re moving out, rent a trash container to help you get rid of stuff easily.

Whether it’s old and broken furniture, unused toys, or old bedding, a large trash receptacle helps you throw away those items you don’t plan to bring into your new place. This simple step will make your move a whole lot easier since you’re getting rid of items you don’t want before the big day.

6. Garage Cleaning Day

The garage is one of the areas of the home that sees the most clutter. Maybe you need to make room for a brand-new vehicle, or perhaps you want to convert your garage into a workshop or a man cave.

No matter what your plan is for the garage, a trash container will help make the garage cleaning process quick and easy. Use the container to toss out old cans of paint, broken garden tools, and other items you don’t use anymore. Go ahead and gather the things you plan to keep first so the cleanup is easier.

You may also need to rent a trash container if your garage has recently flooded. These durable, large containers are ideal for helping you get rid of everything from soggy cardboard boxes to rusty tools.

7. Household Changes

Another good reason to rent a trash container is if there’s going to be a major change in your household. This could be a new baby or it might mean that your oldest child is moving back in. A lot of homeowners use a spare bedroom as an extra storage space, so this might be a great time to rethink 

If you need to make extra room in your home, it might be time to throw some things away. Now is a good time to do some serious cleaning so you can open up a space for a new (or returning) household member. 

You might also want to rent one of these containers before you have guests stay over. It’s a great way to clean up your home before these highly anticipated guests arrive so that your space is neat, clean, and tidy.

Find the Right Container for You

From a roof replacement and gutter cleaning to a major remodel, these are just a few of the reasons you might need to rent a trash container. Remember to choose the right size and reserve your container ahead of time for easy cleanup.

When you’re ready to rent a dumpster, be sure to contact LWS Dumpsters or click here to request a quote for your rental today!

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